3D Movement - Bulletproof Body

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2015-10-19 11.42.10-1 3D_massive Ann-Kristin.jpg

3D Movement - Bulletproof Body



No matter if we are elite athletes, soccer moms, happy amateurs or rehabbing from injury, we all have one thing in common - we want our bodies to feel good and to stay injury free!

This is also a good opportunity for anyone who's suffered from foot/knee pain, SI-joint or hip pain, lower back or T-spine pain, and scapular/shoulder/elbow problems to find strategies to avoid future pain.

So how can we accomplish this?

In this workshop we'll look at how the body absorbs and generate force, and then self assess our bodies in a few easy steps. You'll be shown how you can easily work on balancing out your weaknesses with simple complementary exercises to your current exercise regimen.

We'll also have a look at manual techniques you can use to correct any not-so-optimal movement patterns, so that you can become stronger, more efficient and of course, stay injury free.

For anyone who requires any extra help with pain or poor movement patterns, you can apply for a free sessions here; https://www.facebook.com/isaolsson/posts/10153541378827190

OR, book a time slot by emailing isa@massiveperformance.se.

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