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Workshop with Nick Tumminello

Welcome to a full day of practical and theoretical teaching from "the Trainer of Trainers", Nick Tumminello!

Join Nick at this Personal Training workshop at Massive Performance in Sjöbo, Sweden, for a one-day learning opportunity where you will discover his most effective battle-tested methods and system for programming and training. The complex, often confusing world of fitness and training will be made clear and simple so that you can take what you learn and begin using it immediately with your clients. This isn’t information you can learn online or at your typical conference or seminar! It’s an intensive experience and opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best.

Topics covered;

Training the Five Types of Fitness Clients (Lecture)

There are 5 kinds of clients who have five distinct training goals that trainers need to tailor their programming to. Understanding these types of clients and their specific workout needs is helpful because it illustrates a divergence between what most trainers like to do and what most clients actually want.  To become more successful, we have to focus more on what most of our clients want. To help sharpen your focus, in this lecture, Nick Tumminello will describe:

  • The five main types of clients and key characteristics to identify them.
  • Why fitness professionals have to wear three hats to address the diverse expectations of these clients.
  • Practical programming strategies for each type of client.

Joint Friendly Strength Training (Practical)

This workshop shows you exactly how to build strength, increase muscle and improve physical appearance for clients and athletes with wounded knees, shell-shocked shoulders, or bad backs. You’ll discover a list of alternative exercises that you can immediately use to work around commonly sensitive spots and still make gains in strength and performance.

Top 20 Mobility & Warm Up Exercises (Practical)

Mobility and Warm-Up is one of the hottest subjects in the fitness field. In this hands-on workshop, Nick Tumminello will show you his top 20 warm up and mobiliy drills for helping clients and athletes feel better, move better and increase the productivity of their training sessions!

Hybrid Metabolic Complexes (Practical)

Discover Coach Nick’s top hybrid metabolic complexes you can immediately use with clients and athletes of all levels to maximize fat loss, ensure peak levels of conditioning and make every workout feel like it was your best ever! From this workshop you will leave with a take-home formula Coach Nick uses for designing hybrid metabolic complexes along with multitude of new hybrid metabolic protocols that are exciting to do and battle-tested to get you into killer shape. Come ready have fun, sweat and conquer some new fitness challenges!

Nick Tuminello

  • Director of Performance University International
  • 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year
  • 2015 Personal Trainer Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Author of Strength Training for Fat Loss and Building Muscle and Performance

Space limited - register early to secure your spot! Earlybird pricing 2000 SEK before June 30th, then 2500 SEK (excl VAT). Register here;